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Press and other comment relevant to the project. Please let us know about items which could be added to this list.

Guy Opperman Meets with the Minister for Trains March 2017 - Guy Opperman's blog

News about South Tynedale Railway Extension January 2015

Slaggyford Railway Station Plan January 2015

How do you recreate a "new" - old - station like Gilsland? 26 Apr 2014 - Guy Opperman's blog

It's Full Steam Ahead for £2.5m Rail Dream 18 Apr 2014 - Hexham Courant

Front page main headline, with editorial comment.

Campaign builds to reopen Cumbrian railway station 7 Apr 2014 - Cumberland News

Our local Tyne Valley Trains really matter 13 Mar 2014 - Guy Opperman's blog

Gilsland: Beefing it up to bring back railway station 6 Dec 2013 - Hexham Courant

Gilsland: Station plans are in spotlight 14 Sep 2013 - Hexham Courant

A new rail station at Gilsland for Hadrian’s Wall? 20 Mar 2013 - JMP News

Gilsland: Station could be on track to reopen 23 Jan 2013 - Hexham Courant

Gilsland Station Reopening plan gets 1 step closer 10 Jan 2013 - Guy Opperman's blog

Funding revives hope of re-opening railway station 9 Jan 2013 - Hexham Courant