A list of resources relevant to the campaign and to the history of the Gilsland area. A more comprehensive bibliography of Gilsland can be found on Gilsland Bits & Pieces. Please suggest additions to this list, but take care to supply the conventional author, date, title, publisher or periodical, or similar provenance for unpublished material.

Bird, W.G. 1913. Gilsland and Neighbourhood, 3rd Edition; James Gregg, Gilsland, 76pp

Extensively plagiarised from Mounsey's Gillesland but still probably the best general guide book to Gilsland, by the vicar at the time. 5 editions, 1908, 1910, 1913, 1922, 1927.

Blackmore, J. 1836. Views on the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway, from drawings by J. W. Carmichael, with details by J. Blackmore

Beautiful engravings of scenes along the newly opened railway, including one of Gilsland's viaduct.

Brooke, H. 1836. Sketch of the Railroad from Carlisle to Greenhead: With a Description of the Scenery Along the Line; Charles Thurnam, Carlisle. 15pp. Google Books

Carlisle Journal. 1836. Railway Opening, Newcastle & Carlisle Railway; Carlisle Journal 23 July 1836

Ecstatic description of the opening day. download transcription

Fawcett, Bill 2008. A History of the Newcastle & Carlisle Railway - 1824 to 1870; NERA, 248pp

Grundy, J., McCombie, G., Ryder, P., Welfare, H. & Pevsner, N. 1992. The Buildings of England, Northumberland; Penguin, London

Second edition & revision of Pevsner's original. Lists the station houses & Wardrew.

H.U.S. 1851. Handbook of the Newcastle & Carlisle Railway with a visit to the Roman Wall; Facsimile edition (1974) published by Frank Graham, Newcastle upon Tyne, 85 pages plus fold-out map. Preface of original text dated 1851.

JMP Consultants Ltd. 2013. Gilsland Station Feasibility Study Report

Previous studies concluded that the opening was economically unviable but this report suggests that income from additional visitors would tip the balance. Download this report

Mounsey, G.G. (publ. anon.) [1865]. Gillesland: a brief historical and statistical notice of its locality and mineral waters; Printed by John Irving Lonsdale, Carlisle.

Opionated, poorly organised, but probably the best history of Gilsland; containing valuable detail gleaned from the author's extensive collection of books and documents. Some of the author's notes for this book, and his collection of documents, are filed at the Cumbria Archive Centre, in the Mounsey family papers. Copies are rare, but it can be viewed at Carlisle Library and Carlisle Archive Centre. Entire text available online.

Scott, W.(publ. anon.) 1815. Guy Mannering; Ballantyne (3 volumes)

Meg Merrilies, Dandy Dinmont, Tib Mumps etc. Read it ! Before you write "the usual stuff" about these characters.

Scott, W. 1829. Guy Mannering; Robert Cadell

Magnum Opus edition with notes on Mumps Hall etc.

Steele 1836. Beauties of Gilsland: A sketch of the most remarkable objects near Gilsland Spa; George Routledge, London, 144pp

One of the first guides specifically written to co-incide with the opening of a railway line, and the first volume published by George Routledge, founder of the international publishing house. Interesting that even though it celebrates the whole line, it should be centred on Gilsland !